7-night surf packages

for beginners and intermediates


Join a friendly community of surfers in our beautiful resort


Enjoy an authentic experience in paradise


Take your surfing skills to the next level in uncrowded waves

We’ve designed LMBK Suf camp so that you can enjoy a unique holiday experience with expert coaching and guiding that also allows you to explore the island in your own way

Please don't change the number of nights (this will mark the package as sold out on the booking manager)

Feel free to select any number of days for daily bookings.



Shared villa

€350 per person (Low season)

€448 per person (High season)

These spacious villas can sleep 4 people (two bunk beds). When booking a shared villa, you can also enjoy a private bathroom with a separate toilet. Perfect for solo travellers and groups.

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Private Villa

€672 - 1 guest package (Low season)

€896 - 2 guest package (Low season)

€826 - 1 guest package (High season)

€1,099 - 2 guest package (High season)

Our beautiful villas feature a queen-size bed and a private terrace with views of our pool. All of our villas feature an equipped ensuite bathroom and have a queen-sized bed.

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Deluxe Villa

€749 - 1 guest package (Low season)

€1001 - 2 guest package (Low season)

€896 - 1 guest package (High season)

€1197 - 2 guest package (High season)

These are our most luxurious villas. They are bigger than the private villas and offer a King-sized bed or two single beds with a luxurious bathroom. Enjoy paradise with all the comforts.

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All our villas have everything you need to enjoy a relaxing holiday


Hot water


Speedy internet


Pool side views


Garden views


Air conditioning




Comfortable beds


Living area

What’s included in our camps?

During your stay of one week, you can enjoy 6 surf classes, which take place every day of the week except Saturdays*. We also offer yoga classes with our partners. For lunch and dinner, you have plenty of options to choose from close to LMBK.

*The time of the surf classes depends on the tides and weather conditions, we will make sure to inform about the conditions and plans for the day well in advance!

7 night stay

Choose from one of our incredible villas

Free breakfast

 Our partners at Milk will provide a delicious breakfast every morning

Surf classes

Enjoy a professionally guided surf class with every day of your stay (except Saturdays)

All gear included

We have a wide range of surf gear included with our classes so that you can improve quickly

Airport pickup

 We will pick you and drop you off at the airport. We can also arrange pickups from the ferry at an extra cost

Surf theory

We will provide you with all the theory so that you can improve your skills even when you're out of the water

Photo/video analysis

Our photographer will take videos and pictures of one or more of your surf sessions in order to analyze your performance

Free clean water

We provide unlimited water to all of our guests, it's good to keep hydrated when you're in paradise

Free yoga class

We've partnered with Mana Retreat so that you can restore your body after all the surfing

Marco Piazzalunga

"Great experience! surf camp facilities, the staff+instructors and food are best-in-class"

Gerald Scheäffer

"Best place to enjoy and share"

All our activities focus on giving you the best experience possible

Sunday – Wednesday

These days we’ll focus on getting as much surfing as possible, we’ll take you to the best spots Lombok has to offer in order to improve your surfing skills.


After surfing, we’ll do photo/video analysis and also a theory lesson that will cover aspects related to your surfing level. 


After surfing, we’ll make a barbecue at the camp so that you can mingle with fellow guests and share your experiences.


Our instructors will take Saturdays off, feel free to explore the island, surf your favourite breaks or simply sit back and relax.

Start the day early so that you can enjoy the best time for surfing in Lombok

Check the forecast with our team, we’ll help you discover what spots are best depending on the day’s conditions

Head over to Milk and enjoy a delicious and well needed breakfast

We’ll take you to the  best spots in Lombok for an amazing surf session with our experienced surf guides

After surfing, we’ll drop you off at Kuta so that you can enjoy the town
spend the afternoon by the pool, chatting with new friends or simply relaxing.

Go out for a meal with new friends and discover cozy restaurants, vibrant bars or have a beer in one of the many incredible locations Lombok has to offer

What you’ll learn

Lombok has a great range of surf breaks, varying from calm beaches with small waves for starters to reef breaks with waves that are perfect for more experienced surfers, and of course everything in between.

Each surf lesson starts with a warm-up to prevent injuries and to get your body ready to surf. We also offer theory classes once a week, in which we teach you both the surf etiquette and theory about how waves work.

Some of the things you’ll learn

as a beginner

Master the pop-up

Learn to paddle efficiently

Catch your first waves

Learn to read the waves

Some of the things you’ll learn as an intermediate

Master manoeuvres

Catch faster and bigger waves

Improve your backside

Maintain your speed

Safety first!

Our instructors make sure you go surfing on waves that are adequate for your level. We will check the wave forecast every day so that we can get the safest and best conditions possible. The time the surf classes take place partially depends on this forecast. We try to plan the surf classes in the morning to give you plenty of time in the afternoon for other fun activities. Due to the tides, the schedule is subject to change.

In order to protect your safety while surfing, we have two rules to make surfing safe for everyone:

  1. You need to be a good swimmer.
  2. You need to have travel insurance that covers surfing. Check if surfing is defined as a ‘dangerous sport’ by your travel insurance, and make sure it is covered, just in case anything goes wrong.


Can I participate if I have never surfed before?

Yes, absolutely! LMBK surf camp is for beginners and intermediate surfers. We love helping you to take your very first wave!

I am an experienced surfer, is this camp fun for me?

Yes! Our instructors are extremely experienced surfers that can teach beginner classes and also intermediate lessons

Lombok offers world-class waves for surfers of all levels. Our instructors are happy to take you to challenging waves that will help you improve your surfing skills.

How should I prepare for surfing?

The most important thing when coming to our surf camp is that you are a good swimmer. Even though you can come with no prior training, surfing is a physically demanding sport that can easily tire you, we recommend training your upper body before the camp so that you can get the most out of every day.

Is a surf camp something for me?

If you are looking for an active holiday where you'll learn to surf without having to worry about anything, this is for you. We also want to to be able to do your own thing. We offer all kinds of fun activities for you to choose from. Feel free to go wherever you like and to do whatever you want.

Our surf camp is great for solo travellers, friends travelling together, couples, and anyone else who wants to enjoy a week full of surfing in a friendly community.

How do I get to the surf camp?

There are two main options for you to come to LMBK surf camp. The first option is to fly to Lombok (simply search for ‘Lombok’ on any travel search engine). Pick up from the airport is included in the package. The second option is to take a boat from Bali or from the Gili islands or to Lombok. We can arrange pick up from the harbour for you for an extra fee.

Boat and flight tickets between Bali and Lombok have similar prices: they cost around 40 euros for a round trip. Direct international flights to Lombok airport depart from several airports, including (but not limited to) Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Perth.

It’s great to combine a trip to Lombok with a visit to either Bali or the Gili Islands. Read our blog about Gili Air to discover why this place is definitely worth a visit.

Do I need a visa to travel to Indonesia?

For most countries of origin, a visa is not necessary. As long as you have a passport, you can get a free visa that lasts for 30 days when you arrive at the airport. This visa cannot be extended. Your passport should be valid at least 6 months after your arrival date. If you want to stay longer than 30 days, or if your country is not in the list of countries that can get a visa on arrival, you might require to go to the Indonesian embassy in your country to get a visa for Indonesia before travelling. Please make sure to check if your country is eligible to enter Indonesia before travelling.

Are there any concerns to take into account when travelling to Indonesia?

We recommend you to have good travel insurance that covers surfing. Surfing is sometimes marked as a dangerous sport by insurance companies, so make sure any possible injuries caused by surfing are covered by your insurance company. Better safe than sorry!

LMBK surf camp is based in Kuta. Kuta is a very easy-going town, and we always feel safe here. Take normal precautions, just like you would do when travelling to any other country.

Why should I visit Lombok instead of Bali?

Lombok offers incredible waves, pristine beaches (sometimes just for you), great cafes with healthy food and friendly locals without the crowds.

Bali is more commonly known than Lombok. We recommend Lombok if you are interested in having a fun beach, surf and yoga holiday. Discover the island, without the crazy traffic that is common in Bali. Overall, Lombok offers a more authentic experience, empty lineups, pristine nature and a fun nightlife.

How does the airport pickup work?

When you arrive on Lombok, we will pick you up from the airport (included in your package) or from the ferry from the Gili Islands or Bali (for an extra cost). Arrivals can take place any day of the week. You can check in from 3:00 pm onwards.

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Take your surfing skills to the next level, experience an untouched paradise and enjoy an unforgettable holiday in our Surf Camp in Lombok

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